Interview with the author!

I had an opportunity to be able to interview the wonderful Paige Walker, author of the book Transition. I wanted to better understand Paige as a writer and as a person. You can purchase her book Transition on Amazon, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble, and on her website.


Me: Can you tell me a short summary of your book?
Walker: Nichole Roberts is a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of her. it is her eighteenth birthday and she cannot wait to celebrate it at what will soon be known as the party of the year. With her family and best friend by her side, everything seems to be perfect, that is, until that night. A romantic evening with her handsome and mysterious boyfriend turns tragic and Nichole’s life takes a turn for the worst. Confused about what has happened to her, Nichole wakes up to find that everything she holds dear has been taken from her in a way she never knew existed. Will she ever come to terms with what has happened? Or will she seek revenge against the one person that has wronged her.
Me: What is the genre of your book?
Walker: Transition is listed under YA fiction, Fantasy, and Love & Romance.
Me: What is the insight on the main character Nichole? 
Walker: Nichole she is young and like everyone she makes mistakes. She’s learning first hand that there are some decisions you can’t come back from. In the beginning she’s this young naive girl who’s happy. She’s happy with how her life is. Then she goes through a traumatic event and that changes everything. She has to learn to settle into her new life and that’s where things get tricky.
Me: Which character do you relate to the most?
Walker: I don’t relate to just one specific character. I think there’s a little of me in each one of my characters. Well maybe not every one… I do love all my characters though.
Me: Where did your love of writing and books come from?
Walker: Well I wasnt much of a reader in high school. I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Then I picked up Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and I couldn’t put it down. From there I started reading constantly. As for the writing, I’ve always loved to write. I started writing poetry in elementary school and haven’t stopped since. I just recently built up the courage to write my own novel and I’m happy I did it.
Me: How long have you been writing?
Walker: I’ve been writing poetry since elementary. I’ve even published a poetry book called Emotions. In 2014, I began writing my first novel, Transition. It’s a dream come true that it is now published.
Me: What is or was the hardest part of writing? 
Walker: Writer’s block! Writer’s block is the hardest part of writing.
Me: What do you do when you get the bad case of writer’s block?
Walker: I read. I’ll end up reading one book or six it depends. Reading really helps me get my imagination going and it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s also my way of taking a break. I believe that when a writer gets writer’s block, they should just take a break from writing and do something they really enjoy. For me, that’s reading!
Me: Where do you get your inspiration?
Walker: I get my inspiration from reading. I’ve read so many good books and one day my own story popped in my head. When I started writing it, it almost felt like I was reading another book except this time I get to decide what happens. It’s a really great feeling.
Me: Are there any authors that inspire you, or you look up to?
Walker: Omg where do I start? I really like Stephenie Meyer who wrote The Twilight Saga, Kiera Cass who wrote The Selection Series, E.L. James who write the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, and Richelle Mead who wrote The Vampire Academy Series and the Bloodlines Series. Those are just a few though. They are really great authors and reading their books is like watching a movie in my head.
Me: I know we talked about your favorite authors, but what do you like to read in our free time?
Walker: I mostly like to read YA fiction, Fantasy, and Love & Romance which are the genres that my book is listed under ironically. I like dystopian novels also like The Hunger Games. 
Me: What are your current projects?
Walker: I am currently working on a part 2 and part 3 of Transition and I’m brainstorming on a romance novel that I have not yet started. I want to finish the Transition Series first.
Me: What can we, as readers, look forward to seeing as your writing career progresses?
Walker: More fantasy, drama, romance, etc. I love it all. I hope to one day write a dystopian novel series.
Me: Is there any advice for up and coming authors?
Walker: Don’t be afraid to write. If you have a story, tell it! Even though there are tons of books in the world, there is always a need for more!
Me: Is there anything specific you would like to say to your readers? 
Walker: Yes, thank you for taking the time out to read Transition. I really hope you enjoy reading it as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Oh, and be on the look out for the sequel!
Me: How can readers discover more about you and your book? Via Instagram, Facebook, Website or Blog?
Walker: People can find out more about me and my book at my blog and website ( ) and also on Instagram at ( _paigewalker ).
I’d like to say a big thank you to Paige Walker for giving me the opportunity to interview her and for putting up with all my questions! Buy her book! I’ll be writing a review about it, so stay tuned for that!

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