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The Portal Series: Blue City Synopsis and Excerpt! 

Title: The Portal Series : Blue CityRelease Date: July 20, 2016

Author: Charlay Marie

Synopsis from Author’s Website:

Jen Kallis never forgot the night her father vanished into a strange, white light from inside her
closet. Even though no one believed her, Jen knew what she’d seen and refused to accept that her
dad had abandoned her and mom. Ten years later, Jen, now 17, remains haunted by his
disappearance when, without warning, her closet door bursts open and reveals a bright white light.
Stepping through the light, she time travels to the year 2222 to a world far different from her own.
Everything in Blue City is strange, with buildings that soar too high in the sky, hover cars that zoom
on transparent blue streets, and robots that look just like humans.

When Jen is confronted by Asher, an attractive commander with a bad attitude who warns that her
life is in danger, she convinces him to help her escape and find her father. Together they embark on
a wild journey where she has to battle Asher’s fierce ex-girlfriend, Rogue, for his love, and Jen
discovers that there’s something far bigger than her quest to find her father: the fate of the world—
past, present, and future—is in her hands.

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EXCERPT: *taken from Instagram @bluecitynovel*

 “Nope,” Asher responded nonchalantly, not even bothering to meet her eyes. “I don’t have a
portal, and as I’ve already stated, the portals are off limits.”

 “Then let me go! Tell your people that the criminal escaped before you got here!”
Asher outright laughed and then quickly sobered.

 “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

 “Please help me. You know I’m not a criminal. I’ll find my own way out of this place if I
need to.”

 Asher sighed, looking up at the sky. The officials would be there any minute. Even if he let
her go, she wouldn’t be able to escape on her own, knowing nothing about Blue City. Her strange
clothes would also be a giveaway, preventing her from blending in. Any officer or solider could
stop her for questioning along the way, and he knew she wouldn’t have the kind of answers needed
to get past them.

 Asher entertained the idea of helping her. He had an uncontrollable pull toward a thrill, and
this little adventure would definitely satisfy that desire. If anyone could get out of the situation they
were currently facing, it would be him. Asher was almost as high as authority went and having a
father directly associated with the president would help him get out of this ordeal if they were
caught. Asher groaned deeply, having made a decision.

 Without a word, he pulled Jen by the arm and ran to a door on the side of the building. He
opened it, surprised it hadn’t been locked, and pulled her inside. They found themselves at the base
of a stairwell that ventured to the top of the skyscraper.

“Come on,” he said, pulling her up the stairs.”Quickly.”


The Sleeper Cells Review 

The Sleeper Cells by Wesley Bryant is action packed and never a dull moment. I wish I could say so much more in the review, but I don’t want spoilers because you really need to read this book! 

Vince is a pretty chill character, but his relationship with Lindsey was making me angry. Actually, she made me angry, for many reasons! 

Kennedy is my favorite character, she’s strong, beautiful and full of hope and that’s why I think she meshes well with the group! 

The book was well written, it really sucked you in once you started reading it. The idea of a terrorist group called The Sleeper Cells is scary in a way that makes you feel unsafe at every turn. The situation either made you stronger or lose all hope. 

I love this book, I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5! I can’t wait to read more from Wesley Bryant! 

Buy this book!!! 

Amazon! ebook/dp/B01GIT5330/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1468130021&sr=8-1 


The Sleeper Cells summary and Excerpt! 

Title: The Sleeper Cells (A Novel)
By: Wesley BryantSummary from

As seen on TC Magazine, The Bison Newspaper, and HU16 News, Wesley Bryant presents: The
Sleeper Cells.

Vincent Easley and his friends must find their way out of the sleeper cell and into safety. Can they
survive the twists and turns around every corner? But, it’s not just any group of friends. Vince is
with his uncle, his life-long best friends, and his girlfriend that he has fallen out of love with. Can
they survive the terror around them and find a way to safety?
What’s a sleeper cell? A group of terrorists waiting for the order to attack.
The order has been given.


Kennedy Faye’s chip breaks when she tries to put too much salsa on the fragile shell. Her lipstick
stains the edge of her plastic cup. She sits at a glass table with her friends, all enjoying the beautiful
day. They’re celebrating “The Final Day” just like everyone else throughout the country. Two of her
guy friends are throwing a baseball in the yard on the other side of the black fence. Their hair is
messy and so are their throws.

“They’re being kinda rude. I wish they’d come over here with us,” Penelope says to Kennedy.
Penelope has always been crazy about boys. Always wearing too much make-up. Too much

But not Kennedy. Kennedy always wears the right amount of make-up and actually enjoys the
colour of her skin sometimes. She doesn’t feel the need to put layer upon layer on her face. She
always keeps her nails covered in a ‘comfort’ blue, though. She thinks it keeps her calm. She’s
always been one to find the calm in the storm. Not at first… but eventually. She may be in a rough
place, but she always finds her way back.
Her parents seem to be ignoring her for their drinks. They usually do. Kennedy hasn’t had the best
life, but she makes sure to turn every negative into a positive. Her parents look her way when it’s
convenient for them. They think she’s too old for their care. But Kennedy refuses to acknowledge it.
She’ll just continue to smile.

Unlike Penelope, Kennedy gets butterflies around some boys. She would rather be herself than
seductive. She truly is nothing like Penelope and doesn’t know why they’re friends.
“Shoot!” one of the boys yells from the yard. The ball rolls down the hill and into the edge of the
field by the forest. It pokes at the foliage.
“Dude, seriously. Catch the ball!” his friend yells at him. When he meets the ball, he hears
something in the forest next to him. Wait – it’s more than one thing. He prepares to run, but the gun
poking from between the leaves is faster than his legs. The gun goes off, without making too loud of
a noise. But it was loud enough for Kennedy to freeze back at the house. She knows something isn’t

Ashabreek Excerpt by Kathleen Farquhar. 


The realization that she was not quite as numb as she had thought was forced into sharp perspective when six rows of razor-like teeth pierced into her legs and hips. They clamped down with the force of an enormous and powerful jaw. Babette screamed bubbles as the water beast dragged her deeper into the lake’s seemingly endless depths. She had no more breath; she was struggling to keep from inhaling as she tried to free herself from the jaws of the beast. She was too weak to pry its mouth open. The beast responded to her attempts by clamping its jaws down harder snapping her femur in two. Babette screamed the last of her air in a series of feeble bubbles…and took a breath.
Even at the bottom of the lake where the beast was beginning to slow its pace, air was coming to her freely. Confused and afraid, Babette started screaming bubbles again, though not sure how she was able to breathe so deep underwater. She had no doubt that once the thing was comfortable, it’d feast on her. The thing that had carried her away from the surface was long and scaled with a tail-shaped like an axe. It was a strange cross between a fish, a shark and a serpent; it had a single eye, glowing bright orange, and its teeth that were imbedded into her flesh were sharp as knives, two inches long at least.
Babette tried to scream again, but even while able to breathe, she could only scream infuriatingly silent bubbles. Babette struggled for freedom as someone dove into the water after her. Babette’s little body couldn’t handle the pain or the cold; she blacked out as the beast made ready to enjoy its meal. 

Ashabreek Review 

Ashabreek by Kathleen Farquhar is a story of betrayal, love and war. 

First off, I would like to thank Kathleen for allowing me to read her book and give my input on it. Ashabreek at the beginning sort of confused me. It starts out with Genova being the main character, but then switches to her sister, Babette. With the title being Ashabreek, I thought he would be the main character. As the story went on, I really enjoyed it. 

Without giving too much away, the story line is great, my favorite character is Ashabreek. There’s a certain charm about him. He’s the enemy, but I can’t help but be drawn to him. I wouldn’t mind switching to the dark side for him. 

Babette was really annoying, I actually don’t like her at all. She’s too much to handle for me. Ray is an interesting character, I would definitely love to read more about him! 

I was a little confused about how fast the characters seemed to move on in terms of relationships and love. I would’ve liked to read more about the kindling love. 

As a whole, the book was really good, the story was interesting and there was definitely twists and turns throughout the story. Definitely keeps you guessing! 

I rate this book a 4 out of 5! Buy this book!! Can’t wait for the next book!