The Portal Series: Blue City Synopsis and Excerpt! 

Title: The Portal Series : Blue CityRelease Date: July 20, 2016

Author: Charlay Marie

Synopsis from Author’s Website:

Jen Kallis never forgot the night her father vanished into a strange, white light from inside her
closet. Even though no one believed her, Jen knew what she’d seen and refused to accept that her
dad had abandoned her and mom. Ten years later, Jen, now 17, remains haunted by his
disappearance when, without warning, her closet door bursts open and reveals a bright white light.
Stepping through the light, she time travels to the year 2222 to a world far different from her own.
Everything in Blue City is strange, with buildings that soar too high in the sky, hover cars that zoom
on transparent blue streets, and robots that look just like humans.

When Jen is confronted by Asher, an attractive commander with a bad attitude who warns that her
life is in danger, she convinces him to help her escape and find her father. Together they embark on
a wild journey where she has to battle Asher’s fierce ex-girlfriend, Rogue, for his love, and Jen
discovers that there’s something far bigger than her quest to find her father: the fate of the world—
past, present, and future—is in her hands.

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EXCERPT: *taken from Instagram @bluecitynovel*

 “Nope,” Asher responded nonchalantly, not even bothering to meet her eyes. “I don’t have a
portal, and as I’ve already stated, the portals are off limits.”

 “Then let me go! Tell your people that the criminal escaped before you got here!”
Asher outright laughed and then quickly sobered.

 “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

 “Please help me. You know I’m not a criminal. I’ll find my own way out of this place if I
need to.”

 Asher sighed, looking up at the sky. The officials would be there any minute. Even if he let
her go, she wouldn’t be able to escape on her own, knowing nothing about Blue City. Her strange
clothes would also be a giveaway, preventing her from blending in. Any officer or solider could
stop her for questioning along the way, and he knew she wouldn’t have the kind of answers needed
to get past them.

 Asher entertained the idea of helping her. He had an uncontrollable pull toward a thrill, and
this little adventure would definitely satisfy that desire. If anyone could get out of the situation they
were currently facing, it would be him. Asher was almost as high as authority went and having a
father directly associated with the president would help him get out of this ordeal if they were
caught. Asher groaned deeply, having made a decision.

 Without a word, he pulled Jen by the arm and ran to a door on the side of the building. He
opened it, surprised it hadn’t been locked, and pulled her inside. They found themselves at the base
of a stairwell that ventured to the top of the skyscraper.

“Come on,” he said, pulling her up the stairs.”Quickly.”


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